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 +====Using with avr-gcc==== ​
 +              ​
 +<file asm ledon.S>
 +;;;;   ​assemble with:​- ​   avr-gcc -c ledon.S ​
 +;;;;   the output file produced is ledon.o
 +;;;;   use:- avr-objcopy -O ihex ledon.o ledon.hex to get intel hex file
 +;;;;   ​upload this file to the arduino using avrdude:-
 +;;;;   ​avrdude -p m328p -c Arduino -P /​dev/​ttyACM0 -b 115200 ​ -Uflash:​w:​ledon.hex:​i -v -v
 +; Load the binary pattern 11111111 into Register 16               ​
 +LDI    R16,  0b11111111 ​
 +; send all the 1s to the Data direction register at address 0x04
 +; to configures all lines on Portb  as an Outputs ​     ​
 +OUT    0x04, R16              ​
 +; not really needed, already loaded wits 1s.
 +;but later if we put all zeros here the LED would go off 
 +LDI    R16,  0b11111111
 +; Send all the 1s to all lines on port B at address 0x05. 
 +;A 1 takes the line up to 5 volts and lights the LED
 +;A 0 takes the line down to 0 volts and the LED goes off.     
 +OUT    0x05, R16             
 +; If we had an LED connected to each line of port b, they would all light up.
 +rjmp stop                    ;don't run on past end of program ​
 +                ​
 +</​file> ​
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